How to add an offering

Offerings are one of the key components of your Palette site. An offering can represent a course, event of other item that learners can view, register and purchase.

To start, click on 'Offerings' from the left navigation bar. This will bring you to the listing of Active offerings. Click on the 'Add offering' button to create your new offering. (Alternatively, you can duplicate an existing offering and then edit the new offering).

There are four steps in adding an offering:

  1. Choose type
  2. Edit content
  3. Assign intakes
  4. Set listing

Choose type is where you select the integration that relates to the offering. This may be a Learning Management System (LMS) or Student Management System (SMS). Then click 'Next'.

Begin to enter the basic information of the offering such as the title, price (if it has one), duration and images. Then in the 'Offering information' area you can add the content that will be visible on the offering listing page. Content is added via the 'Block' system. Blocks are content components that are pre-formatted. These can be re-ordered, edited and removed as you see fit.

The next step is to assign the intake and course. You can find out more in the intakes help articles. You can assign a single intake or add as many intakes as required.

The final step is to modify various settings of the offering such as setting the code, filter settings, privacy settings and more. In order for your listing to be live, please ensure the 'Status setting' is 'Published'. 

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