How to add a page

Pages in your Palette site provide you with the communication tools to promote and inform your learners about your organisation, programs and offerings. For instance, you could create about us pages that explain who you are, your organisation history, values, the team and any other relevant information. 

To start, click on 'Pages' from the left navigation bar. This will bring you to the listing of Active pages. If there are no pages created yet, then the list will be blank. Click on the 'Add Page' button to create your new page. 

There are three steps in adding an offering:

  1. Choose type
  2. Edit content
  3. Set page

Choose type is where you select the page type. The only option currently available is a Blank page. Select the Blank page box and click Next.

On the Edit content tab, enter the basic information of the page such as the Page name. 

Next, choose a Banner image that will represent the page.

Then in the 'Description' area you can add the content that will be visible on the page. Content is added via the 'Block' system. Blocks are content components that are pre-formatted. These can be re-ordered, edited and removed as you see fit.

The final step is to complete the settings. To publish the page immediately, ensure the Published option is toggled 'on'. 

It is required that you enter the slug (URL) for the page. Everything else is optional.

It is recommended that you complete the SEO settings as this will help your page in search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your site.

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