How to edit a catalogue

You will often want to ensure your catalogues are up to date and relevant with the latest courses. In order to do this, you will need to edit the catalogue to manage the offerings contained in the catalogue.

To start, click on 'Catalogues' from the left navigation bar. This will bring you to the listing of all catalogues. The list will show you the catalogue name, the status (published/unpublished), number of offerings and other high level information. Click on the catalogue you want to edit.

Updating the offerings

There are two options in updating the list of offerings assigned to the catalogue. 

The first is via the 'Catalogue settings' tab. Click on this this tab and then click the 'Edit' button.

In the 'Basic settings' section, there is a drop down labelled 'Assign offerings'. Use this drop down to select the offerings you want to assign to the catalogue. Once you have selected the offering(s), click the 'Assign offerings' button.

You can view the existing list of assigned offerings just below. To remove an offering, click on the 'Bin' icon to the right of the offering and it will remove it from the catalogue.

The second method is via importing. if you have access to import offerings, you can upload a CSV file that is in the correct format and bulk import the offerings. Simply select the CSV file you have prepared with the offering information and then click the 'Import' button. The page will show the import progress and any errors that may appear.

Updating the content

To edit the content of the catalogue, select the 'Catalogue content' tab and click the 'Edit' button. Update the catalogue information and then click 'Save'.

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