How to add an image

Palette offers an image gallery where you can manage your media items. To get started, click on 'Images' from the left navigation bar.

If you have previously uploaded images, you will see a list containing the uploaded images. The list is ordered by most recent image first.

To help find a particular image, you can use the search bar located above the list. Enter the name of the file you wish to search for and click the 'Search' button.

To copy a particular image URL, click on the 'Copy' icon and this will copy it to your clipboard. You can then paste the URL where you need it.

Adding an image

To add image, click on the 'Add image' button. A window will appear asking you to either 'drag & drop' an image or select on from your local computer. Locate the image and upload it. Once the file has been uploaded, the image list will update with the image you just uploaded appearing at the top of the list.

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