How to import offerings

Offerings can be imported into Palette via CSV upload provided that imports have been configured for your organisation. Offerings can be only imported inside a catalogue.

To start, click on 'Catalogues' from the left navigation bar. This will bring you to the Catalogues page with a list of catalogues you have access to. Click on the desired catalogue and you will be navigated to the 'Catalogue page - Catalogue content tab'. Switch tabs to 'Catalogue settings'.

Once you're on the Catalogue settings tab, click the 'Edit button' under the header on the top right. The 'Import offerings' section will be at the top.


  • Ensure all the images in your CSV files have been added to the gallery.
  • CSVs should use the .csv file extension format. Other spreadsheet file formats such as .numbers or .xls will cause errors

Steps to import offerings

1. Click the 'Select CSV file' button. A file dialogue box that will allow you to select your CSV file will appear

2. After selecting the file, click the 'Import' button on the right 

3. Depending on the number of records in your file, it may take a few seconds for the import to complete. Refrain from clicking the import button multiple times.

4. After file import is successful. All offerings in the catalogue will appear in 'Basic settings' section below the import section.

5. Click the 'Save' button under the header on the top right to head back to 'Catalogue settings tab' in view mode. Clicking 'Cancel' will not undo the import.

Note: Depending on your CSV records, you may receive errors messages during the import. You will need to resolve the errors to complete the import.

After imports

The 'Catalogue settings tab', will now display a list of all offerings in the catalogue along with associated categories. You can modify the imported offerings via the 'Offerings page'.

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